Our company is a professional manufacturer of reducing and reducing transmission。We choose internationally famous brand ", NOK", oil seal, advanced synthetic oil and low noise bearing, combined with our unique production technology, and the product quality reaches the domestic standard level。 At the same time, we also provide RV series of finished products and other accessories to domestic counterparts。 Quality assurance, reasonable price

        • Yushun Team

          Yushun team will provide you with the best solutions with a pragmatic, dedicated and honest heart all the time.

        • Quality Control

          Paying attention to details and specializing in the industry, Haiou always applies leading technologies to important places of the manufacturing link.

        • International Standards

          GB, API, ANSI, BS, DIN, JIS, JPI

        • Equipment Processing

          Our company boasts firm equipment and strong processing capacity, and has a large quantity of people and factory equipment.

        • Price System

          The system has efficient internal cost control; and high-tech equipment can be sold at flexible prices.

        • Delivery Time

          We have a rapid delivery mechanism to ensure punctual delivery and reach all the places of China and even the world.

        Yushun with excellent management philosophy, after years of production excellence,
        quality awareness, product quality has been fully guaranteed

        Yushun deceleration Machinery
        Our company is a professional manufacturer
        of reducing and reducing transmission. The main
        products are: NMRV series worm gear reducer,
        UD (L) series, planetary cone disc continuously
        variable transmission...
        CONTACT US

        Mob:+86 13857667578

        TEL:+86(0)576 88318127

        Fax:+86(0)576 88318137


        Add:Chishan Road No。 319,Jiaojiang,Taizhou city,China

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